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Eclipse solar «anillo de fuego» fue visto en Asia y África

Just as June 21 occurred on the longest day of the year, a brilliant ring of fire caused by a solar eclipse was seen in different parts of the eastern hemisphere, specifically in Asia and Africa.

As reported by Reuters , the ring appeared after the Moon stood between the Sun and Earth.

The astronomical event spanned eastern and southern Asia, the entire Middle East, and Africa, but only few were fortunate enough to see it in its entirety.

The difference with a normal eclipse is that in the latter case, the Moon, due to an annular effect, cannot completely cover the Sun, allowing a halo of light to form in its maximum state that borders the central circle.

India Witnesses Annular Solar Eclipse 2020
Hindustan Times / Getty Images

In effect, this type of astronomical phenomenon occurs when the terrestrial satellite is farther away in its elliptical orbit around the Earth, thus giving the impression that it was smaller.

One of the countries that had the best vision of the event was Taiwan, where people filled the open spaces of the Chiayi area, in the south of the territory.

In the capital, Taipei, it could also be seen from buildings or through tinted car windows.

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