Cómo grabar una llamada en iphone

Recording a call on your iPhone is not so simple, despite that smartphones can do today countless activities such as order delivery, taxis and even measure your heartbeat. The iPhone does not come with that option and will need to download an application to do so.

There are many on the market for Apple App Store and on the Web , but not all provide the best quality sound recording especially the gratuitas-. Built This list contains a brief description of each application, and from there you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Keep in mind the legal implications of recording certain calls.

Editor’s Note: There is a mix of federal and state laws regarding the recording of telephone calls. Generally, you should not have any legal problem if both sides allow the conversation to be recorded. Some states require that only one of the two parties agree. However, we recommend reviewing state and local laws if you prefer to feel completely secure legally.

Method 1: Record an incoming call using Google Voice

Google Voice lets you record incoming calls free of charge. However, outgoing calls can not be recorded. It can be inconvenient if you want to record a call that you want to start. Tip: The website GetHuman has developed a good platform to record customer service calls. It allows you to indicate a specific company you need a representative to contact you.

To record incoming calls with Google Voice, you must first open an account. It is extremely easy – just go to voice.google.com and follow the instructions. When your account is ready, enable the box to record calls and so, at the end of your call, it is automatically saved in an MP file.

Step 1: Navigate to the home page of Google Voice

Step 2: Select the gear icon at the top right and polishes the option settings on the menu.

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Step 3: Select the calls (Calls) tab and check the box that says Enable Recordings (Enable Recording) located at the end of the page.

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Then you can record your conversations by pressing the number “4” on your phone during the call. In doing so, the two parties will be notified automatically by a recording warning that the conversation is being recorded. To stop recording, press “4” again or simply hang up. When the recording has ended, google will automatically save the conversation in your inbox, where you will find all recordings. From there you can listen or download.

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